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laser treatment We offer not only laser hair removal, but also many other laser treatments. In our beauty clinic in Wroclaw and Warsaw, we have all the latest technologies in the center, ensuring spectacular effects.

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Many people have concerns about laser treatments, whether they are considering laser vessel sealing or hair removal, facial treatments or other treatments. Technological advances in recent years may surprise you because now it is easier, faster and less painful to take care of your beauty for life. Having an experienced team and the best equipment available on the Polish market, we proudly admit that we specialize in laser treatments. In no other showroom in Wrocław or Warsaw you will find a higher standard of services and better equipment! Our salon is designed with the most demanding customers in mind!


Laser skin rejuvenation is a fantastic treatment for a whole range of undesirable skin defects. Whether you are concerned about wrinkles and fine lines, sun damage, acne, or plain spots, laser skin rejuvenation will help you reduce lesions effectively and leave you with fresh, healthier skin. Laser skin rejuvenation is based on carefully heating the upper layers of the skin, removing all imperfections and leaving a beautiful, younger-looking face that you've always dreamed of. It's a simple procedure with stunning results. Do you want to see what it looks like?

laser treatment ACNE

Laser acne treatment may surprise you! Do you want to see what it looks like?

Laser acne treatment is one of the most modern and effective methods of treating this popular and frequently occurring dermatological disease, which is acne. The treatment consists in warming the top layers of acne-affected skin, as a result of which the anaerobic bacteria responsible for the formation of acne lesions are destroyed. It is worth emphasizing that the laser does not damage the skin and it perfectly treats not only acne, but also acne scars, discoloration or erythema. It should be added, however, that laser acne treatment will not be effective in the case of acne lesions resulting from hormonal disorders.

Additionally, in our Cosmetic Salon in Wrocław or Warsaw, laser acne treatment is combined with applying a mask with active charcoal to the skin, which strongly cleanses the skin and unblocks clogged pores. In addition, the preparation consists of kaolin and bentonite clay, which reduce the excessive amount of secreted sebum, as well as honeysuckle and white bean extract, showing soothing, soothing and regenerative properties.

Laser acne treatment is an effective method that gives great results in a short time. Already 5-8 treatments carried out at weekly intervals is enough to be able to enjoy smooth, beautiful and healthy skin.

Removal of discoloration

Discoloration is a common and frequent disorder of skin color. Discoloration, i.e. darker spots on the skin, appear as a result of malfunctioning of melanocytes, i.e. cells that produce the skin pigment melanin. Dark, unsightly spots usually appear in those places on the body that are most often exposed to sunlight, such as the face, neckline, hands, arms or thighs.

Fortunately, there is an effective way to deal with discoloration. It is a laser discoloration treatment - a procedure carried out with the use of an innovative diode laser that emits strong light of the appropriate wavelength. Melanin absorbs the laser light, thanks to which it converts light into thermal energy, which in turn removes pigmentation spots in a quick and effective way. Laser discoloration treatment is a short, safe and practically painless procedure, during which the skin is not interrupted.

Forget about unsightly stains once and for all and make a decision today about signing up for a laser discoloration treatment treatment.

closing the vessels

1. CLOSING THE DISHES ON THE LEGS. Laser closing of blood vessels on the legs is a simple, fast, safe and highly effective procedure, giving permanent results in the form of removing dilated small blood vessels, known in colloquial terms as vascular spider veins. Find out what it is and what the effects are of the laser vessel closure treatment. 2. WHAT IS LASER LOCKING OF VESSELS ON THE LEGS? Laser closing of blood vessels on the legs is a procedure that involves heating the blood in the dilated vessel to the appropriate temperature, which will cause its walls to contract and, consequently, to permanently close the vessel. How it's working? The principle of laser operation is based on selective photothermolysis and photocoagulation. This means that the light energy generated by laser radiation is absorbed by hemoglobin, i.e. by the red blood pigment, which results in coagulation, contraction and closure of the capillary, which then becomes fibrotic and after some time is excreted through the natural physiological processes taking place in the blood. body. 3. LASER VESSEL CLOSING - DESCRIPTION OF THE TREATMENT. Before starting the laser vessel closure treatment, the person carrying out the procedure evaluates the vessels visible through the epidermis - they examine their diameter, color and quantity. On the basis of these data, the appropriate length of the laser beam, type of filter, amount of energy, number and duration of pulses and the time interval between pulses are selected. Subsequently, the area to be treated should be cleaned, and the patient must put on special covers to protect him from laser radiation. The laser vessel closure procedure itself is very simple. It consists in applying a head to the skin, which releases a laser beam, which gives the effect of a flash of white light. It should be added that the procedure, which is the laser closing of blood vessels on the legs, is completely safe, painless and does not damage the epidermis, which also makes it minimally invasive. 4. Laser closing of blood vessels on legs - TREATMENT EFFECTS The procedure, which is laser closing of blood vessels on the legs, gives permanent results - the vessel is permanently closed. After the treatment, it starts to turn pale until it is completely absorbed and is no longer visible. In order to achieve a full and satisfactory result, it is recommended to perform 1 to 5 treatments at intervals of about 3-6 weeks. Their specific number depends on the number, diameter, color and depth of the vessels. Do not hesitate, just sign up for laser closing of blood vessels on your legs today to get rid of the unpleasant and embarrassing problem of dilated blood vessels that see through the skin.

What I have to do before laser treatment?

3 easy steps


Shave area before arriving for treatment.


Do not pull hair for min. 3 weeks before surgery!


Calm down, feel comfortable and let our experienced staff look after you.

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