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LASER DEPILATION Are you fed up with constantly shaving your hair? Do you waste a lot of time depilating? Ingrown hair drives you crazy? Start the adventure with permanent hair removal!

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Are all available lasers the same?

Laser therapy specialist: No, there are lasers on the market that differ in terms of brand, country of origin, effectiveness, painfulness or speed of the procedure. Each type of equipment has its advantages and disadvantages, and is characterized by different parameters, among others: safe doses that can be used without disturbing the surrounding tissues, wavelength, pulse duration, head size The most effective is the Soprano diode laser, thanks to which we can get rid of hair permanently! It combines two wavelengths 810nm absorbed by melanin the hair and 940 nm absorbed by the blood vessels supplying the bulb. Its wave penetrates the epidermis to a depth of two millimeters, which effectively destroys the hair structure. The operation of the laser does not affect the functioning of the body, therefore it is a safe method. the phenomenon of selective photothermolysis - light beam absorbed by the structure rounds of the hair follicle containing melanin are converted into heat, which destroys the hair matrix responsible for its growth. It causes the destruction of the hair and damages the structures of the body responsible for the reconstruction and reconstruction of hair. In Poland, IPL hair removal is also popular (much less effective than a diode laser). The Soprano laser is recommended by women's magazines such as Gala no. 6/2018 and Glamor no. 4/2018 and Beuaty Insporation (ketegory: aesthetic medicine) for the latest solutions in the field of laser therapy.

What is the difference between the Soprano laser and the IPL and VPL devices?

The difference between laser and IPL is mainly the effectiveness of hair removal and the number of treatments needed for epilation. The Soprano diode laser removes hair forever, the hair does not grow back after a series of treatments. In the Soprano diode laser, the laser light waves have the same wavelength and a slight divergence, therefore they act in a targeted manner on the hair (specifically its dye). They do not harm the tissues around. The effectiveness of laser epilation (laser hair removal) reaches 95% (this is proven by clinical studies). This means that 5% of the hair that is light, thin and does not have a dark pigment - melanin can grow back. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or VPL are not lasers, although they are often incorrectly called lasers. Many offices write that they offer the services of Laser hair removal, and in fact the patient undergoes the treatment of xenon lamp included in these devices. The downside of IPL devices is that they send out many wavelengths and thus heat up the surrounding tissues. The light beam is absorbed not only by melanin, but also by the environment. IPL is not selective for the hair. It is a method that is successfully used to close blood vessels, which is why many beauty salons have this type of device and also use it to remove hair. When using IPL, there is a risk of skin burns, so it is not possible to use sufficiently high parameters during the treatment to overheat the structures responsible for hair growth. The soreness of IPL and laser treatments is similar and depends on the sensitivity of the patient and the epilation device. In addition, in patients undergoing IPL hair removal treatments, complete hair removal is much more difficult, because the hair follicles may be 'deformed' after IPL irradiation, which makes effective permanent laser hair removal (epilation) more difficult after IPL.

What are the other laser hair removal methods available on the market??

For example, electrolysis - A current is introduced into the bulb with the help of a needle (electrode). The resulting heat permanently destroys the proteins that are responsible for hair growth. Is this a good method? After the treatment, burns, redness and swelling may appear, and badly performed epilation will leave scars. The procedure is painful and takes a long time.

What other lasers are available on the market??

The basic criterion of laser division is the radiation length (the longer the laser light wave, the deeper the device penetrates the skin tissue). The ruby ​​laser with a wavelength of 694 nm was one of the first devices used in facial hair removal. It only removes dark hair, and a dark complexion makes the treatment difficult. There is a risk of skin burns. The alexandrite laser with a wavelength of 755 nm effectively removes dark hair, less light hair. Dark complexion reduces the effectiveness of the treatment. It penetrates the skin to a lesser extent than the Soprano, therefore it is less effective. The Soprano diode laser uses a wavelength of 810 and 980 nm. Effectively destroys dark hair and cells responsible for its reconstruction, it can be used for all skin types, except for very tanned skin. The principle of the treatment is based on the phenomenon of selective photothermolysis. This phenomenon consists in heating the structures containing pigments such as melanin in the skin. Hair removal is possible thanks to the overheating of the hair follicles (bulbs) by a light pulse to a temperature of approx. 70 ° C, sufficient to destroy them. We must remember that we only remove hairs in the active growth phase (the so-called anagen), which is why a series of treatments is needed. At the same time, the skin surrounding the hair with less pigment heats up to a much lesser extent, so it does not burn. As it follows, the darker the hair and the lighter the skin, the more effective the treatment. Therefore, before the laser hair removal treatment, the skin should not, or rather, not be very tanned.

Why Soprano laser is the best device available on the market?

The answer is simple - it is the most effective device. This is confirmed by many years of experience and repeatedly published results of clinical trials. Clients often come after a series of IPL treatments dissatisfied with the results (because IPL treatments are often cheaper). Later, they undergo a laser treatment and are simply surprised that it actually works! Are there any other lasers? Neodynamic lasers: which emit wavelengths of 1040nm - ensure deep penetration and low affinity for melanin, which makes them much less effective than alexandrite and diode lasers. The point is, they don't pick up the dye well. What light does IPL emit? IPL devices emit light, not as in the case of lasers with one wavelength, but the entire spectrum in the range of about 600 - 1200 (950) nm. For this reason, we deliver more energy to the skin (50J / cm) during the treatment. Only some of this energy is useful for heating the hair. The rest somehow uselessly heats the skin. Currently, the Epilacja-Laserowa.Info salon offers a promotion for laser hair removal for several parts of the body during one visit at a lower price (packages in the price list). When registering via our website for the procedure, the consultant will call you back and make an appointment! You can also book an appointment online in the online booking tab.

Laser treatment in Warsaw – the best laser hair removal salon in Warsaw

Laser hair removal is a popular procedure carried out in many beauty salons. However, to be effective and safe, it is necessary to choose a professional salon with high quality equipment and properly trained staff. Undoubtedly, such features are characteristic of our Cosmetic Salon in Wroclaw and Warsaw, the additional advantage of which is its convenient location and many positive recommendations.

Laser hair removal Wrocław and Warsaw - what equipment do we use for the treatment?

In our cosmetic salon in Wroclaw and in Warsaw, we perform laser hair removal with the use of innovative, technologically advanced equipment.This is the latest LED hair removal laser Soprano available on the Polish market. The device guarantees effective, safe and virtually painless laser hair removal. The high energy of laser light reaches the hair follicles, coagulating them precisely at the point of their growth, so that only the hair bulb is removed and the skin remains intact.

Laser hair removal with Soprano can be performed all year round, even in summer and on tanned skin, thanks to three innovative solutions: two wavelengths - 810 nm and 940 nm, an excellent skin cooling system and TAPER focusing to minimize the side effects of the treatment.

The patented Smooth Pulse head mode allows you to perform the laser hair removal procedure in a continuous motion, without having to detach the head, so that the laser hair removal procedure can be performed in a very short time. The device has a gentle action and the treatment is comfortable even for laser hair removal of sensitive areas such as armpits or bikinis.

Laser hair removal with Soprano equipment in our salon in Wrocław and in Warsaw too is the fastest and most effective method of getting rid of unnecessary hair from every part of the body for a few years.

Qualified and experienced staff of the salon in Wrocław and in Warsaw

High quality laser hair removal equipment is not all that distinguishes our Cosmetic Salon in Wroclaw and Warsaw. The advantage of the place created by us is highly qualified staff, which is a guarantee of a properly conducted laser hair removal procedure. A well-chosen and trained team of employees is characterized by a great deal of experience, high skills in the use of laser hair removal equipment and a great approach to the customer.

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Laser hair removal in the Salon in Wroclaw or Warsaw - positive customer feedback and convenient location

The Cosmetic Salon in Wroclaw or Warsaw, which we run, is the best place to carry out laser hair removal, which is also confirmed by high ratings and positive opinions of customers who have already used the offer of our Salon. Here are some of them:

Positive opinions we receive from our customers every day are the best recommendation and guarantee of high quality of services performed Warsaw

An additional advantage of the Salon is its location. One of our points is located in the very centre of Warsaw at Jerozolimskie Ave. Both salons are easily accessible both by car and by public transport.

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